About Us

a little history


Who Are We?

At Northcoast Copiers, our mission is to provide total office solutions that satisfy the unique needs of your business. To do that, we strive to understand your business and provide you with the solutions that best meet the vision of your company.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative company with an exceptional ability to understand the business needs of our clients.

While we are located in Ohio, we have partnerships that are global in scope, which allows us to provide the personal touch of a local business combined with the products, strengths and services you need.

Northcoast Copiers is committed to environmental sustainability and to supporting the communities in which we work
and live.


Matt Capodice


Matt has lived in the area his whole life and has worked in the copier/printer industry for over 15 years. Matt founded Northcoast Copiers after being dissatisfied with the level of service and quality provided by other offerings in the area.

Tony Capodice


Tony is one of our on site service technicians.  If it’s frustrating, limping along, or broken:  Tony will fix it! Tony has been in the technology industry for five years. He also has a Master’s Degree and multiple tech certifications with important sounding acronyms!